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Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2020 – Complete Guide & Review

Today, I’m sharing with you guys the 10 best smartwatches of all time, I am sure that you would love to read our updated content of 2020.

The trend of wearing smartwatches is getting higher. The best and top ten smartwatches options are shared over here. Many brands have started making such watches.

The main purpose of this device is to track your health, monitor your heart rate, track your steps, runs, and calories been burned up.

10 Best Smartwatches – Our Top Picks

Best Smartwatches

The best and highly recommended smartwatches are mentioned below. Shortlist the options for yourself. The below mentioned watches are highly compatible, less in weight and offer a long battery life.

So, get entered into the smart world by wearing these ultra-classy and super amazing watches.

10- Wzpiss Smartwatch

SmartwatchOn the tenth spot, we have Wzpiss Smartwatch for you.

This is an amazing watch which you can buy now. It is a multifunctional smart watch which can work as in the form of a pedometer.

It monitors sleep and acts as a sedentary reminder.

It has a remote camera attached to it and you can also use it as an alarm clock. Furthermore, it can be used as a camera pictures recorder.

You need to have an SD card if you want to record and save the camera pictures. By buying it, we are sure that your life will become more convenient as well as enjoyable. It offers wide compatibility to you.

All of its functions fully support and backed up by these Android 4.3 and other smartphones. You will really like this high-quality and comfortable smartwatch.

It comprises an ergonomic convex design. It works on the precise kind of laminating process.

There is a soft strap attached to it so that you can comfortably wear this watch.

Our Verdict

You can buy this Wzpiss Smartwatch for yourself as it is packed with 1.54″ TFT LCD and contains 240*240 pixels resolution.

The 90-days money back guarantees time is offered to the user.


  • Multi-Functional.
  • Wide Compatibility.
  • Comfortable and High Quality.


  • None.

9- Fitbit Versa Smart Watch


Then we have Fitbit Versa Smart Watch for you.

This watch can easily track all of your daily activities. To track your heart rate or your sleep stages, this watch can help you. Its battery life is 4 plus days.

Moreover, you can store 300 plus songs into it. It makes use of 15+ exercise modes like that of Run or Swim.

It is up to 50 meters range that this watch shows water-resistant properties. This is a great watch to be used for workouts.

You can access any of your favorite apps on it whether they are related to weather or sports.

Get a call on it, note down the calendar dates, do texting, get app alerts- all this functioning is carried out by this Fitbit Versa SmartWatch.

Our Verdict

We suggest this Fitbit Versa SmartWatch to you because it is now available in a special edition version.

It has a built-in NFC chip so that you can make and process secure payments.


  • Tracks your daily activities.
  • Stores 300+ songs.
  • Use 15+ exercise modes.
  • A built-in NFC chip.


  • Limited compatibility.

8- Amazfit Bip Smartwatch


Also, we have Amazfit Bip Smartwatch for you. It is available in a range of color options.

You can enhance your personal style by wearing this watch. Its weight is just 32g. Its screen looks transflective and bright.

Even more, you can wear and use this watch for up to 30 days if you are going to single charge it for 2.5 hours time. It perfectly monitors your heart rate.

This watch has a built-in GPS so that you can accurately and easily track in real-time with regard to the amount of sleep which you have taken.

To track that how much distance you have traveled or how much calories you have burned, this watch can show you these stats.

It shows special sports modes with respect to running, treadmill, and cycling and walking. This Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is a perfect companion if you want to remain organized and productive for all day long.

You will get one-way notifications in the case of emails, SMS messages, incoming phone calls.

Our Verdict

You should also give your thumbs up to this Amazfit Bip Smartwatch because it is a great looking smartwatch.

The highest amount of satisfaction is guaranteed by the manufacturer side.


  • Weighing only 1.1oz.
  • It can be used for up to 30 days on a single charge.
  • Optical heart rate monitoring.
  • A built-in GPS.


  • None.

7- Ticwatch Smartwatch


Ticwatch Smartwatch is given the seventh spot from our side.

This is one of the amazing smartwatches if you want to track your fitness routine.

To track your walking routine, running and riding routine, you can wear this watch then! Most importantly, you can track your heart rate at any time.

It is packed with the feature of a personal voice assistant. This Google Assistant will let you find the answers, you will easily get your things done.

This watch is only compatible to be used for Android devices. To utilize the complete functions and features of this smartwatch, make sure that you charge it completely and properly.

Do charge it for more than two hours. Have a look at the battery capacity indicator before turning off the charging process.

Our Verdict

Hence, we recommend this Ticwatch Smartwatch to our readers.

This smartwatch offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty in the case of quality-related issues.


  • Track walks and runs, rides.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 12-month warranty in the case of any quality-related issues.


  • It is a bit heavy.

6- Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch


Another smartwatch option we have for you, it is Garmin vívoactive HR GPS SmartWatch.

It can regularly get fit on you. If your wrist circumference is 5.39″ to 7.68″ then this is an ideal watch for you.

This GPS smartwatch comprises a sunlight-readable feature. It is packed with a high-resolution color touchscreen and its display size is 28.6 mm x 20.7 mm.

On the other hand, its display resolution is 205 x 148 pixels. You can do 24/7 heart rate monitoring of yours by using it.

This watch has elevated and enhanced wrist heart technology. You will get the regular tracking of your heart rate for all day and night time.

Even this heart rate tracking facility is available while you are swimming.

Our Verdict

Most probably, you will like this Garmin vívoactive HR GPS SmartWatch.It has long battery life. It is up to 8 days that you can use this smartwatch.

Its GPS mode can work and run up to 13 hours.


  • A high-resolution colored touchscreen.
  • Monitors heart rate.
  • Long battery life.
  • Smart Notifications.


  • None.

5- Pebble Time Smartwatch


You can buy this Pebble Time Smartwatch too. It displays notifications seamlessly.

You can keep track of all calendar events and can do text and emails by using it.

You can receive all incoming calls and can easily do much more stuff! Its sleep tracking mode gives you daily reporting and also weekly insights.

This is a water-resistant watch and it shows resistance up to 30 meters. It has a built-in microphone so that can do the job of voice notes and make quick replies.

This is an affordable watch and gives you quick tracking and daily reporting of the rest of your health modes.

Our Verdict

Certainly, you will love the usage and functioning of this Pebble Time Smartwatch. It is encapsulated with the smartest and best features.


  • A sleep tracker.
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Built-In Microphone.


  • None.

4- MSRMUS Smart Watch


MSRMUS SmartWatch is a multi-functional smartwatch You can dial, message, monitor sleep, count the steps by using it.

It is on two working modes that this watch mainly operates.

You can use it as a phone or you can use it as a Bluetooth smartwatch. Its functioning all synchronized. You only have to scan the QR code and then download the BT APP.

Install it and finally use the Syne software. In this way, you can read your text messages, reply to them as well.

Its Bluetooth mode is workable and compatible with Android phones. You just have to download the app right on your android phone and then simply built the connection.

In this way, you will be able to reach to the functions like Bluetooth call/music and Call/Message Notification and as well as a camera remote capturing job.

Our Verdict

Do buy this MSRMUS SmartWatch as great features are present in it.

Its functioning and features will not let you down.


  • Multi-Functional.
  • Two Working Modes.
  • Synchro Function.


  • Heavy in terms of weight.

3- Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch


Huawei Watch 2 Sports Smartwatch is highly recommended as well.

It has a built-in GPS and it continuously monitors your heart rate.

It can too track your workout and exercise routes. Its scientific sleep tracking mode is the highlighting part of it.

You can keep track of your light sleep stages and deep sleep stages by using this watch. It acts as a workout coach for you. You will get real-time guidance regarding your workout data.

Its NFC and Google assistant features will let you make payments easily.

You can use its personal voice assistant feature at the same time.

Our Verdict

Hence, try using this Huawei Watch 2 Sports Smartwatch as it is one of the powerful smartwatches.

It can optimize and balance power consumption settings for you.


  • Built-in GPS.
  • Scientific sleep tracking mode.
  • Act as a Workout Coach.
  • NFC and Google assistant.


  • None.

2- Samsung Gear S3

SmartwatchSamsung Gear S3 smartwatches given the second spot.

The best part of this watch is that it has a distinctive looking steel bezel. Its strap is fused with a buckle option. The strap with buckle is 2.76 inches long.

The large strap which has holes has 5.12 inches long. This watch will give you on-time notifications. You can text and call from here.

You can make and process your payments with the help of Samsung Pay anywhere.

It is installed with 380mAh Li-ion battery.

Our Verdict

You should grab this Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch as it offers a military-grade performance.

It resists water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

It is compatible with Android phones and iOS smartphones.


  • Text, call and get regular notifications.
  • Make payments by using Samsung Pay.
  • It gives a military-grade performance.
  • Compatible with Android phones and iOS smartphones.


  • None.

1- Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch

SmartwatchFinally, we have Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch for you.

It is packed in space gray aluminum case.

This watch is installed with S1P dual-core processor.

This processor will process your activities and finishes them in less. It has an Ion-X strengthened glass and also a composite back.

You can monitor and keep a track of your health by using it. Moreover, its heart rate sensor is one of the excessively used features of it.

Its other features are accelerometer and gyroscope

Our Verdict

Do book this Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch for yourself.

It is highly recommended. So, do not miss this Apple smartwatch model at any cost.


  • Space gray aluminum case
  • S1P dual-core processor.
  • Ion-X strengthened the glass.
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope


  • None.

Best Smartwatches – Buyer’s Guide



The high-quality smartwatches are always lightweight. They do not put any burden on your wrist.


Your picked smartwatches should be compatible with Android phones, iOS smartphones.

Tracking Capacity

Its tracking capacity has to be efficient.

It means that it should track your steps, runs, rides, distance traveled and heart rate properly.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Better keep connected with us as more of the reliable smartwatches options are coming sooner. Let us know which model and smartwatches brand have become your favorite one!

It’s time to become more smart and exclusive in terms of tracking your fitness, sleeping patterns, heart rate, calendar events and many more.

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