Best Office Chair Covers Review In 2019 – A Step By Step Guide

Office Chairs

Here we have shared an amazing review of the best office chair covers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019.

In the shops, we usually come across a large number of office chair covers.

Normally, people buy such covers so that they can give a decent look to their old and damaged chairs.

The same category we are going to discuss on this page. We have the top ten office chair cover options for you.

Order any one of them and give an elegant and one of the nicest look to your old and worn out office chairs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Office Chair Covers

Office Chair Covers

There is no need to buy a new chair set for your office and workstation.

These chair covers can really do a great job for you! Reviews about these covers are mentioned below.

You will be delighted and happy to use each of these chair cover sets:

10- A.B Crew Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

Firstly, it is this A.B Crew Office Chair Cover which is recommended from our side on a high note.

All the qualities which should be present in any high-quality office chair cover, of them are present in it.

This cover is made of spandex and polyester.

Its backrest width is 38-45cm and the height of the backrest is about 35-40cm.

Furthermore, the cushion width is 46-52cm and the height of the cushion is about 43-50cm.

Further features of this office chair cover, it is washable and comes in a durable form.

This cover can get fit on most of the office chairs.

The package is included with one chair cover only.

The presence of high-quality polyester fabric makes this chair cover more popular.

Your plain old chair will get an elegant look the minute you will put on this cover onto it.

This is an affordable and yet one of the affordable chair covers which can buy.

Our Verdict

We recommend this A.B Crew Office Chair Cover because it will certainly give a good and an elegant presentation to your office chair set.

Replace your office chair covers with this set and give a new look to your chairs.


  • Spandex, Polyester


  • None.

9- BTSKY Back Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

We have this BTSKY Back Office Chair Cover for you.

Basically, this office chair cover can protect your office chairs from getting dirty.

No scratch will come on your chair if you will cover them with this piece.

This cover set is available in a flexible size.

Office chairs of varied sizes can get fit into this cover set.

Make sure that you do take the measurements of your office chairs before you buy such a cover for them,

The back height of this cover is 27.5-31.5 inches and its back’s width is 17.7-22.8 inches.

Moreover, its seat length is 17.7-22.8 inches and its seat width is about 17.7-23.6 inches.

This is a sturdy looking office chair cover which will give complete protection to your chairs.

This cover is completely well-designed. It comes in the nice stretchy form.

Its conforming fabric gives a nice texture and looks to your chair.

Our Verdict

You should buy this BTSKY Back Office Chair Cover because it has quality zippers attached to it as well.

These zippers will give a perfect fitting to your chair. It is because of its stretchy material that your chair will enjoy a secure fitting time.


  • Protect a chair from dirt and any kinds of scratches of pets.
  • Sturdy Chair Slipcover Protector.
  • Stretchy Material.


  • None.

8- CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

Another chair cover option we have for you, it is CAVEEN Office Chair Cover.

We are sure that this cover will protect your office chair from getting any kind of dirt on it.

It will hardly get any scratch on it because your office chairs will remain protected because of these covers.

The high-quality material is used in the making of this cover. Its fabric is machine washable.

You can easily take care of this cover and maintain it conveniently as well.

Get this chair cover in multiple colors.

You will get multiple choices to decide that which cover color will suit on your chairs.

Regarding washing, make sure to pass this chair cover through a gentle cycle process.

Do not apply bleach on this cover.

Our Verdict

You can order this CAVEEN Office Chair Cover right now because it is available in reasonable and elegant looking design.

It’s nice stretchy and conforming fabric will further add a nice texture onto your chairs.


  • Reasonable design.
  • Quality zippers.
  • Excellent fitting.


  • Limited in stock.

7- SHZONS Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

SHZONS Office Chair Cover is given the seventh spot from our side.

This is a protective and an excellent cover which you can use on your office chairs.

This cover has the potential to prevent your chair from getting scratches or dirt on it.

It is available in simple colors. This cover will give a more decorating look to your chair pieces.

Most importantly, this cover is packed with the zipper feature.

It serves exquisite workmanship features.

The high-quality zippers are present on both of the sides of this chair cover.

These zippers will make it easy for you to fix and fit the cover any time you want to!

Our Verdict

We suggest this SHZONS Office Chair Cover because its fabric is thoroughly and completely elastic.

You can wash it for as many times you want to! The fabric of this cover is 100% durable.


  • Completely protective.
  • It serves exquisite workmanship.
  • Elastic fabric.
  • Washable, durable.


  • It is available in a few colors.

6- Zerci Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

Another office chair over option we have for the readers, it is Zerci Office Chair Cover.

Note that you will just get the slipcover in the package and nothing else!

If you have an old office chair and wants to give it a new look, then do try out this cover.

Your chair will look brand new because this cover option is available in excellent design and color.

Most noteworthy, it is this stretchable material which makes this chair cover high in demand.

Simple machine washes it if you find that this cover is getting dirty.

Our Verdict

Probably, this Zerci Office Chair Cover will give a finished and nice look to your old chair.

It is extremely affordable and remains to stay in its exact design and color for a long time.


  • Your old office chair will instantly look new.
  • Stretchable Material.
  • Machine-washable.


  • None.

5- Melaluxe Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

We have Melaluxe Office Chair Cover for you.

This cover carries a universal design in it.

It is important for you to note down its backrest width and height and they are 14″-20″(36-50cm).

The cushion width and length are 15″-21″(38-52cm).

This is the best and high-quality chair protector which is made of soft and comfortable fabric.

Its fabric will protect your chair from any stains and spills.

This cover does not all slip around or slide around. It is removable as well as reusable.

Moreover, it will be going to cover the rips, tear and the tattered edges of your old chairs.

You can easily set up this chair cover.

You only need to slip it gently right over the seat and this is all! It is its elastic edge which will keep the cover all steady and tucked in.

Our Verdict

Certainly, you will love this Melaluxe Office Chair Cover because this is a machine washable cover.

So reuse and rewash it again and again. Its elegant design and colors will convince you to pick up this chair cover.


  • Universal design chair cover.
  • Best Chair Protector.
  • Easy to Set Up.
  • Machine washable.


  • Lack of zippers.

4- Smiry Office Chair Seat Cover

Office Chair Covers

Do try out this Smiry Office Chair Seat Cover as well.

This cover comprises a jacquard fabric design.

In order to give your old and damaged office chair a new and sleek look, you can put up this cover on it.

This cover will protect your chair from all kinds of scratches, spills and also accidents.

Furthermore, it is made of 92% polyester and also 8% spandex.

It stretches in a way so that most of the office chairs can get fit on it easily.

This cover is equipped and accompanied by an elastic band.

If your cushion length is 18”-22” and seat cushion width is 18’’-22” and too if the seat cushion height is 1.3”-2.5”, then this cover is a great option for such a piece.

Our Verdict

Buy this Smiry Office Chair Seat Cover as great qualities are present in it. It can be installed easily.

Its maintenance part is quite quick and easy. Its elastic edges are going to secure the cover all the time.


  • It has a jacquard fabric design.
  • Made of 92% polyester, 8% spandex.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Flexible Use.


  • None.

3- G-Champsolar Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

G-Champsolar Office Chair Cover is the next great option for you.

This cover is suitable for the chairs which have a back height of 70~80cm (27.5~31.4inch) and back width of 45~58cm (17.7~22.8inch), seat length of 45~58cm (17.7~22.8inch) and seat width of 45~60cm (17.7~23.6inch).

The high-quality material is embedded in this cover piece.

This office chair cover is exclusively made of 85% polyester and 15% Spandex. It carries a jacquard fabric in it.

There is no chemical smell which is present in this cover.

Our Verdict

We give a thumbs up to this G-Champsolar Office Chair Cover because it is a great protector and serves in an excellent way to the office chairs.

To upgrade an old office chair of yours, do buy this cover.


  • High-quality material.
  • Jacquard Fabric.
  • No chemical smell.


  • None.

2- Office Chair slipcover – Seat x

Office Chair Covers

Office Chair slipcover – Seat x comes on the second spot.

This chair cover can get fit on the hundred types of chairs.

This option really comes in the money saver option category.

If you want to renew the look of your office chairs, then get this chair cover right now.

Your old chair will get an amazing look for sure.

This cover set offers full and complete coverage to your chair.

It is available in an awesome design and colors.

The sharp look will be given to your old chairs. Moreover, the fabric used in this cover making process, it is washable and reusable.

There is no need to iron this cover as well.

Our Verdict

Just jump onto this Office Chair slipcover – Seat x because it is an amazing look cover which will give the splendid look to your old office chair.


  • Fits hundreds of chairs.
  • A real money saver.
  • The cover offers full coverage.
  • Awesome design.


  • No zippers are there.

1- Nicetop Computer Office Chair Cover

Office Chair Covers

Finally, we have Nicetop Computer Office Chair Cover for you.

It is basically made of polyester and spandex fabric.

This cover is available in the split design version. You will see the factor of stronger applicability in this cover.

This cover is washable and its fabric is durable and too stretchable.

This decorative removable cover can give a clean and a fresh appearance to your old chair.

Our Verdict

We suggest you buy this Nicetop Computer Office Chair Cover because it is made of high and top quality polyester fabric.

Your plain old chairs will absolutely get an elegant look. This is a durable and super budget-friendly and affordable coverage.


  • Split design.
  • Stronger applicability
  • Washable and durable.
  • Decorative removable cover.


  • None.

Best Office Chair Covers – Buying Guide

Elastic band presence

The presence of this elastic band will make the office chair cover to become anti-slip, wrinkle resistance and also reusable.

High-quality and soft fabric

The soft, high-quality material offers an excellent stretchability so that you can easily install the chair cover.


Your purchased chair cover has to be machine washable.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

You can share your feedback with us that which chair cover option you want to pick!

We will extend and update this list as well for the readers. So, it is the time to take out all of your old office chairs and put on these amazing looking covers o them.

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