Best Card Shufflers of 2019 [ Guide & Review ]

Card Shufflers

Today, we’re sharing the review of the ten best card shufflers of 2019. So, let’s get started with the article. 

For all casino lovers, card shuffler is a great products for you guys. We have the top ten card shufflers for you.

Choose any one of them. But hold on, what kind of card shuffler you should choose then! Its deck capacity should be maximum enough.

It means that it should be able to hold up to six decks of cards. It shuffling job should be completed in seconds.

Best Card Shufflers – Top Choices

Best Card Shufflers - Top Choices

The ease of use and the card collection tray factor should be present. So read out the reviews on these card shufflers.

Hopefully, your card play time will become more exciting. The best brands which make these shufflers are mentioned and identified below.

Feel free to order any of them for your card playing session:

10- Trademark Poker Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

Trademark Poker Card Shuffler is given a thumbs up from our side. This shuffler is made for all of the standard size cards.

It can shuffle six decks of cards in just a few seconds, it is true!

This is a battery operated product, furthermore, it automatically shuffles your playing cards.

Being the battery operated shuffler, you will need four size C batteries. You have to install them right on the bottom section of this shuffler.

The 6-Deck Capacity is the prominent feature of this product. You can load these six decks of cards between two sides of it. It is in seconds that this shuffling is done.

If you have standard poker-sized cards or if you have narrower bridge-sized cards, then you can use this shuffler.

Moreover, it is quite easy to use. By pressing the one lever, you will see that cards are going to quickly shuffle.

If you have an arthritis problem or dexterity problem and you love playing cards, then this is a great shuffler for you.

Our Verdict

Do buy this Trademark Poker Card Shuffler because it has a card collection tray.

This plastic tray stays in its place so that cards can be collected easily which are passed through the shuffling mode.

You can easily remove this tray as well.


  • Shuffles six decks of cards
  • Card collection tray
  • Easy to use


  • None

9- Laser Sports Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

Also, we have Laser Sports Card Shuffler for you. This is a great choice for you if you are a passionate player of playing cards.

This product can shuffle four decks quickly as well as thoroughly.

Most importantly, you just have to press the single button and this product is going to shuffle your cards in seconds time frame.

This shuffler is extremely easy to use. It just needs a fingertip control.

No extra and added steps are required. Note that batteries are not included in the package. The individual has to buy these batteries separately.

Our Verdict

Our strong verdict is given to this Laser Sports Card Shuffler.

It is extremely easy to operate and use and its deck capacity is maximum as well.

The real casino person will love it for sure.


  • Shuffles four decks thoroughly
  • Fingertip control
  • Easy to use


  • You have to buy batteries separately

8- Brybelly Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

Another best option we have for you, it is Brybelly Card Shuffler.

This is a 2-deck shuffler. Now you will be able to spend more time on your game rather than just shuffling the cards.

This 2-deck automatic card shuffler is highly recommended. Most noteworthy, it can shuffle decks in just seconds.

You need to use the standard playing cards so that they can be inserted easily into this shuffler.

Being the fastest and easy to use shuffler, you can use it for any kind of large size games and tournaments.

It is best for the players who have arthritis. Just press the tab of this fully automatic, battery-powered shuffler and enjoy your game.

Our Verdict

We suggest this Brybelly Card Shuffler because it offers endless uses and functions to you. Your shuffling time will become minimum by using it.


  • A 2-deck automatic card shuffler
  • Shuffles standard deck playing cards
  • Shuffles quickly and also efficiently
  • Fully automatic and too battery powered


  • None

7- CHH Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

CHH Card Shuffler is the extremely recommended shuffler we have for you right now.

It has an imported design and a perfect gift for those people who love Casinos. It is made on the great craftsmanship.

Its measurements are H: 7.63 x W: 8.25 x D: 4.25 (Inches) and its box size measurements are H: 7.88 x W: 8.4 x D: 4.5.

This CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler accommodates and adjusts up to 6 decks of cards.

If you need help during the shuffling job, then this is an ideal automatic shuffler for you. This product can be a great addition in any of your game session.

Our Verdict

This CHH Card Shuffler is easy to use, for the reason that, its popularity and demand cannot be denied.

It can shuffle up to four decks by just pushing a single button.


  • Imported
  • Perfect gift for the people who love Casinos
  • Great craftsmanship


  • It lacks a card collection tray

6- ProShuffle Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

ProShuffle Card Shuffler is another recommended option for you. This card shuffler is made of 100% plastic material. It comprises an imported design.

This shuffler comes with these 2 decks of cards and an AC adapter and also with some security weights.

This shuffler has the potential to shuffle up to 6 decks at one single time.

You can run it on the batteries or on the AC adapter. This is a great casino grade version which you should use.

Our Verdict

You can order this ProShuffle Card Shuffler right now because it carries amazing qualities in it.

It has a plastic side panel which will give you a clear indicator that how many cards are being left inside.

This is the smartest feature which is present in a few card shufflers and ProShuffle Card Shuffler is one of them.


  • 100% plastic material
  • Comes with 2 decks of cards
  • Shuffles up to 6 decks


  • None

5- John N. Hansen Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

John N. Hansen Card Shuffler is the best choice for you. If you want to shuffle up to six decks, then get this shuffler for you.

It can work easily with the poker sized cards, standard cards and also with the narrower bridge cards. It works on the one-button operation. It means it is simple and easy to use.

Moreover, this Six-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler offers you a super fast way when it comes to shuffling your cards.

Load the half of the cards into the left side and half of them into the right side and simply push the button.

Our Verdict

Go and grab this John N. Hansen Card Shuffler because, within seconds, your cards are going to be shuffled.

No matter you have standard poker-sized cards or if you have narrower bridge-style cards, this shuffler remains compatible with these card types.


  • Shuffles up to six decks quickly
  • Works with standard cards and also narrower bridge cards
  • One-button operation


  • Buy cards separately

4- Fox Valley Traders Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

Fox Valley Traders Card Shuffler is the high demand and great shuffler so far. To enjoy one of the quickest and easiest shuffling jobs, try this one.

Above all, it is just by pressing the single button that this shuffler will start to work and shuffle.

You only have to divide the decks right between the trays and press down the button. If you are buying the 2 deck card shuffler option then it is approximately.

8″ long x 3 3/4″ wide x 3 1/2″ high. On the other hand, the 4-deck is about 8″ long x 3 3/4″ wide x 5″ high. It finishes this shuffling job in mere seconds.

Our Verdict

This Fox Valley Traders Card Shuffler can be ordered by you without worrying anything because it shuffles decks in just seconds.

You only have to place the cards inside the trays and push the button.

It is best for all ages. By using it, you will experience the casino-style shuffling.


  • A quick and easy shuffling time
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Casino style shuffling experience


  • None

3- WYZworks Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

We have the next option for you and it is WYZworks Card Shuffler.

To shuffle 1-6 decks of cards in an effortless and fast manner, this is the right choice for you. While using it, you will get the feel as if you are in a casino.

You will be able to focus on your game more instead of shuffling and fiddling.

It is compatible with the standard as well as bridge-sized playing cards. Moreover, it is a fully automatic and easy to use shuffler.

Its one button operation makes it more popular. It shuffles the cards neatly and quickly into the tray.

Our Verdict

You can give your support to this WYZworks Card Shuffler. This fully automatic card shuffler completely eliminate the chance of any error.


  • It shuffles 1-6 decks of cards
  • Works effortlessly
  • Compatible with the standard cards and bridge-sized playing cards


  • None

2- Trademark Innovations Card Shuffler

Card Shufflers

This Trademark Innovations Card Shuffler comes on our recommendation list as well. Basically, this is a 2 deck card shuffler.

It shuffles consistently, furthermore, it does this job quickly and reliably. This is a great product by the Trademark Innovations.

They have remained committed when it comes to delivering quality products at affordable and competitive prices.

By using this shuffler, the chances of error become 0%.

Our Verdict

We hand over our 100% verdict to this Trademark Innovations Card Shuffler.

Consistency, reliability, ease of use, fast and quick operations- they are the distinguished and USP points of this shuffler.


  • 2 deck card shuffler
  • Shuffles consistently, quickly
  • Shuffles reliably


  • Limited in stock

1- Dazzling Deals Card shuffler

Card Shufflers

Finally, we have Dazzling DealsCard shuffler.

This automatic playing card shuffler simply and mainly shuffles 1 or 2 card decks.

The user should note that this shuffler requires 4 AA batteries.

Your game room will become more exciting if you will put this shuffler over there as well.

Now, no one will have an issue that whether you have shuffled.

The cards correctly or not because this product will do the shuffling job honestly and quickly.

Our Verdict

Dazzling DealsCard shuffler is recommended to all people because this shuffler is going to make your game more exciting.

Just eliminate this hand shuffling job and use this automatic shuffler.


  • Automatic playing card shuffler
  • It shuffles 1 or 2 card decks
  • Best for your game room


  • None

Best Card Shufflers – Buying Guide

Card Shufflers

Below is the simply buying guide which will help you in picking a great card shuffler:

6-Deck Capacity

If you are buying a card shuffler then it should have a maximum 6-deck capacity.

That shuffler should work reliably, quickly and easily with the standard poker-sized cards, narrower bridge-sized cards.

Both in terms of the capacity and compatibility, it should deliver perfectly.

Ease of Use

If your card shuffler is easy to use, then buy it.

Just the single button operation shufflers should be purchased. Avoid getting that shuffler which is technical to use.

A single button shuffler has to be preferred always.

Card Collection Tray

The feature of the card collection tray has to be present in any card shufflers.

The purpose of this tray is to collect the cards during shuffling.

This tray will make it easy for you to insert and remove the cards easily.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

So are you ready for the next cards playing session? First get this card shuffler and make this game utmost exciting and full of fun.

All the above-mentioned top ten products will offer you a reliable job.

The need to design such a product arises for those people who have dexterity issues or arthritis problem.

Let us know which cad shuffler you will order and get for yourself. We will update this review list for you too.

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