Home Accessories Best Backpacks for College Review In 2020 - A Complete Buyer's Guide

Best Backpacks for College Review In 2020 – A Complete Buyer's Guide

Today, I’m going to review the 10 best backpacks for college.

So, let’s get started.

For all college students, if they think that their college stuff remains highly and immensely unorganized then the below-mentioned backpack options can help such students a lot.

These backpacks can easily store your laptop, iPad, water bottles, books, notes, phones, stationery items and many more other essentials in them.

10 Best Backpacks for College – Our Top Picks

backpacks for college

Check out the top ten backpack reviews from here. Best brands have made them, they are extremely spacious, multipurpose and comprises multiple numbers of pockets and compartments.

So it is the time that all college students who grab any one of these highly recommended bags.

10- KUPRINE Backpack

Backpacks for College

For your college times, we have KUPRINE Backpack for you on the tenth spot. Its dimensions are 18.9 x 14.5 x 4.7 inches and it can fit 13-15.6 inch Laptop or a MacBook in it.

It offers a lot of space, furthermore, it comprises many pockets. It has three main pockets, eight inner pockets and also one mesh pocket.

This backpack has two front quick access pockets and too 2 side pockets. It is an anti-theft laptop bag, so do buy it.

The presence of a separate laptop compartment will bring more convenience for you. Its Theft Proof combination lock and metal dual zipper will keep and retain the privacy of your items,

The durable and solid material is used in the marking of this KUPRINE Backpack. Eco-friendly material is used in it, its nylon fabric is all water-resistant. Its metal zippers will show durability for years and years.

This is a perfect bag to be used for climbing, traveling, commuting or working, college and school day times.

Our Verdict

Do buy this KUPRINE Backpack. You will get all the comfort from it. It has an ergonomic shape, moreover, its Airflow back is all foam padded. Your neck and arms will not feel any stress while wearing it.


  • Lots of space and many pockets
  • Anti-Theft Laptop bag
  • Durable Material


  • None

9- Bolang Backpack

Backpacks for College

You can try out this Bolang Backpack as well. Starting from its dimensions, they are H 18.5″ x L 12″ x W 6″ and its weight is 0.7kg (1.54lbs).

This bag is made of high-grade and high-quality water-resistant durable, longlasting nylon material. It has a large and multi-compartment design.

The best part is that it comprises a dedicated and sufficient laptop compartment so that you can easily place your laptop which is up to 16 inches.

Its airflow back and shoulder straps will bring comfort for you. Your back will remain supportive and comfortable because this bag possesses an ergonomic design.

Talking about its structure, it has four main pockets and six smaller inner pockets.

Moreover, it has 2 open pockets and two mesh side pockets. For college days, this is a great looking backpack. Even for travel and work, you can use it.

Our Verdict

We suggest this Bolang Backpack because it is amazing in every way. It offers 1-year warranty time. So grab it and put as much stuff in it as you can!


  • Water resistant durable nylon material
  • Large and multi-compartment design
  • Sturdy Structure


  • You cannot use it during heavy rain times

8- ProEtrade Backpack

Backpacks for College

ProEtrade Backpack is recommended by us too. This daypack is made of anti-scratch fabric. It has a water-resistant zipper design.

This is a sturdy looking bag which is tear resistant as well. It offers a large capacity to the user. Most importantly, it has multi compartments and lightweight at the same time.

The dimensions of this bag are 20″H x 12.5″W x 8.5″ D. It just weighs 1.8lb and it contains total in a number of 9 pockets. There are two main compartments present in it. One pocket section is fixed for the placement of a laptop.

Then there are two front zipped pockets and two pockets outside. To protect your essential items and belongings, place them in your anti-theft pocket.

Our Verdict

This ProEtrade Backpack must be purchased by you because it has an external USB charging port present in it. This charging port has a built-in charging cable so that you can charge any of your electric devices.

Its night reflective design will keep you safe when you will use this backpack during the night time.


  • It is sturdy, tear resistant
  • Multi-compartment and lightweight
  • Anti-theft back pocket
  • S-Curved Shoulder Straps


  • Less appealing design

7- SwissGear Backpack

Backpacks for College

Also, we have a SwissGear Backpack for you. Its exact dimensions are 18.5 x 13.5 x 9.0 inches and it is made of durable 1200D polyester.

Most noteworthy, this bag has a lay-flat design. Its laptop-only compartment can fit most of the portable computers which are up to 17 inches.

This is an oversized backpack, it means that you will find many pockets, sections, and compartments in it.

It is great when used during the college days. Its design looks quite appealing and a style statement factor is present in it.

Our Verdict

Hence, do buy this SwissGear Backpack for yourself. It comprises a catchy design. It has all the features which should and has to be present in any daypack bag.


  • Durable 1200D polyester
  • Lay-flat design
  • Laptop compartment can fit portable computers which are up to 17 inches


  • None

6- MATEIN Backpack

Backpacks for College

Another option we have for you, it is a MATEIN Backpack. There is a lot of storage space present in this bag. It contains multiple numbers of pockets.

Its spacious packing compartment can fit and place all of the daily necessities and tech electronic accessories of yours in it.

Its front compartment possesses a huge number of pockets as well as pen pockets and also a key fob hook.

This is a comfy and sturdy designed backpack which you can buy. Its airflow back design has thick and too soft multi-panel kind of ventilated padding. This feature will give you a maximum amount of back support.

Our Verdict

Do give your thumbs up to this MATEIN Backpack as this is functional and safe to use.

It has a USB port design. It is because of the built-in USB charger and built-in charging cable that you can easily charge your phones.


  • Comfy and sturdy
  • An airflow back design
  • Functional and safe


  • Limited in stock

5- Tzowla Backpack

Backpacks for College

You will love this Tzowla Backpack. It offers a lifetime warranty to the users. The promising part of this backpack is that it accompanies a USB and headset port design.

Its USB interface is attached to a built-in cable design so that you can conveniently charge any of your electronic devices.

Its anti-theft design makes this bag more popular. It is guaranteed that your valuable items will remain protected because of the durable metal zippers.

Do buy this multipurpose backpack as it is made of high-quality and water-resistant polyester fabric.

Its widen padded shoulder strap, luggage strap design as well as built-in key ring design are highlighting features of it.

Our Verdict

Hence, book this Tzowla Backpack for yourself. Its external dimensions which are 19.29x 11.8 x 5.43 inch offers you a large capacity and spacious option.

Its multiple divider pockets are effective to be used all the time.


  • A built-in cable design to charge your electronic devices
  • Durable Metal Zippers
  • Water-Resistant Polyester Fabric
  • Multiple divider pockets


  • None

4- Himawari Backpack

Backpacks for College

Himawari Backpack is another best option for you. Its waterproof and scratch-resistant fabric makes it a high-quality backpack option for you.

Its main compartment has a double zipper closure. In its laptop lining can be used to place your iPads or 13-inch laptops.

Moreover, this bag has two inner side pockets, one front zipper pocket as well.

Its dimensions and size measurements are 14.9″x11.1″x5.9″ inches (L*H*W). It is all made of nylon fabric and possesses an ergonomic design.

It’s breathable and soft shoulder straps will always give you good shoulder protection.

By using its top handle, you can use it as a handbag too. You can buckle down its extended straps so that they may not get loose.

Our Verdict

Most probably, you will love this Himawari Backpack as it is dual padded, contains adjustable shoulder straps and comes in the reinforced design.


  • Metal Zipper
  • Main compartment consist of double-zipper closure
  • Ergonomic design and Nylon Fabric


  • None

3- Vaschy Backpack

Backpacks for College

Then we have a Vaschy Backpack which is another ultra and super awesome backpack for you. It is made of polyester material. It has an imported design. Its fabric is all high-quality and it is too water-resistant.

This fabric is so much lightweight and scratch-resistant. All its zippers are smooth. Its main compartment has a double zipper closure.

There is one zipper pocket which is present on the exterior side of it. There are water-bottle pockets which are present on both of the sides of this bag.

Moreover, there are four interior pockets and padded pockets for placing your laptop. Its reinforced strap is adjustable as well as padded.

There is a presence of a reinforced bottom in this bag. If your laptop is of 14 inches then it can get fit into this backpack.

Its external dimensions are 16.9″ x 11.8″ x 5.9″ ( HxLxW) and its capacity range is up to 19.35 Liters.

Our Verdict

You should immediately get this Vaschy Backpack for yourself because it is a great option for you.

For your college days, this is the best bag which will remain your loyal buddy.


  • Polyester fabric
  • Water resistant fabric and smooth zippers
  • Main compartment has a double-zipper closure


  • None

2- KAUKKO Backpack

Backpacks for College

KAUKKO Backpack is another perfect option for you. This backpack is genuinely made of 600D Polyester Fabric.

Its nylon lining will further make this bag more comfortable and soft. Its polyester fabric is all water-repellent. You can easily clean this backpack too. It has contoured kind of shoulder straps.

Even more, the back side of this bag comes with an air mesh padded design. You will find a large capacity in this bag. Your stuff will remain perfectly organized in it.

Its dimensions are 18.5″H x 6.69″W x 10.63″L and its capacity is up to 22L. Note down that its laptop compartment can fit laptops which are up to 15 inches.

Our Verdict

We suggest this KAUKKO Backpack to you because it is packed with many new features.

It has an Adjustable Drawstring closure which is present at the main compartment of it. Its multipurpose usage makes it a popular and best backpack for you.

Its style is all casual. You can carry it to your school, college, hiking and shopping times.


  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable Drawstring closure
  • Multipurpose usage


  • None

1- Mancro Backpack

Backpacks for College

Finally, we have a Mancro Backpack. It is one of the stylish looking backpacks. Its multi compartments are present in a classified form. There are 3 main pockets and 9 inner small pockets.

Furthermore, there are two sealed side pockets. It has a USB port design, so whenever your phone runs out of battery, you can use this built-in USB charger.

Lastly, it is made of durable and eco-friendly, water-repellent fabric. There is a 2 “S” curve in form padded shoulder straps which will make this bag lighter.

Our Verdict

We give out positive verdict to this Mancro Backpack. It is perfect for college students. Even for weekend getaways, professional office work, you can carry it.


  • Multi-compartment
  • USB port design
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Two”S” curve padded shoulder straps


  • None

Best Backpacks for College – Buying Guide

Backpacks for College - Buying Guide

Water-Resistant Fabric

Your purchased backpack should be made of water-resistant, tear-resistant and scratch-resistant fabric. Mostly such bags are made of nylon and polyester fabric materials.


It should have multi-compartment so that you can hassle-free place all your essentials in it.

Smooth Zippers

Your bought backpack should have smooth zippers. Its zippers should not get stuck while you close or open them.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

We are 100% confirm that you will love all these top ten backpacks. Replace your old and outdated backpack with these preferred options and share your reviews with us. You can share your buying guide as well that which steps you follow while getting a daypack bag for yourself!

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