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10 Best Baby Alive Dolls Review In 2020 – [Guide & Review]

Here we have shared an amazing review of the best baby alive dolls of 2020.

Note that we have managed to collect the reviews on the top ten and best baby alive dolls for your kids. They are of great entertainment factor for your child.

If you think that your kids are not having a great and fun time, then get these dolls for them as soon as possible.

The entertaining factor which is present in these dolls, they can all poop and eat, even they are going to ask you to change their diapers, how great it is!

It is the high time to bring real fun into your baby girl lives.

You can teach them to become a responsible person by asking them to play with these dolls.

Here, you will be able to sort out this information that which qualities set them apart from the rest of the dolls.

So, let us have a look at the list and without wasting a further second, read the reviews on most popular Baby Alive dolls from this page.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2020.

Best Baby Alive Dolls – Our Top Picks

Baby Alive Dolls

You are going to have the most fun time with these baby Alive dolls. They look similar in way likewise you are playing with a real baby doll.

We have collected the top ten and immensely popular baby Alive dolls for the kids.

Gift them to your children and let them enjoy more and more in their free time These dolls are made and manufactured so that kids can become aware of the parenting responsibilities.

Some of the dolls which reviewed below, they can eat and poop, they will ask you to change their diapers.

Even more, they speak out phrases like Mmm good, I like it! So get any one of these baby Alive dolls and share your feedback over here:

So which baby alive dolls are your favorite? Let us know! Once you will finish reading the reviews of all of these baby alive dolls, we are sure that you want to gift all these dolls to your baby girl.

These dolls act as a trainer, they actually train your baby girl by getting her involved in the parenting factor.

10- Baby Alive Hasbro Doll, Caucasian – Speaks Electronic Phrases

Baby Alive Dolls

Firstly, we have Baby Alive Hasbro Doll, Caucasian for you. This is the doll which can eat as well as poop. You will have a lovely time while playing with this doll.

It just looks like a real baby and furthermore, you can feed her and give her a bottle too. You can change her diapers, you will not get this feeling that this doll is fake in any terms.

When you are going to feed this lovely and amazing looking doll, then she is going to express that feeling at the same time.

She will tell you that she like this food and state these electronic phrases like you will often hear “Mmm good!”Most importantly, this Baby Alive doll comes with a dress and 2 doll diapers.

You will get a bottle with a nipple. A bowl and spoon are also included in the package. There will be four packets of doll food and bib in this package.

Being a kid, if you love to play the role of a mommy then get this doll.

This doll has large blue eyes and above all, they are quite expressive. It is packed with animatronic features.

Note that this doll will tell you about the parenting responsibilities with the help of the lifelike functionality mechanism.

So get this baby doll for your kid and make his free time more interesting and full of activities. You can share your feedback that how this doll manages to bring excitement in your kid’s life.

Our Verdict

We 100% suggest you to get this baby doll for your baby girl. By looking at its detailed features, this is the doll type which you should get for your child.


  • She speaks electronic phrases e.g “Mmm good!”
  • 2 doll diapers
  • Four packets of doll food and bib


  • None

9- Baby Alive Magical Scoops Baby Doll – Extensive Warranty Time

Baby Alive Dolls

Also, we have Baby Alive Magical Scoops Baby: Blonde Baby Doll which will be loved by your kids. This Baby Alive doll is the best treatment which you can give to your child.

You will have a lot of fun while taking care of it. This doll comes with all of the needed accessories and moreover, you will get a bib and a comb with the package.

By using the comb, you can brush the soft and beautiful hairs of your doll. This is a great baby Alive doll for kids who are plus 3 years of age.

We can say that for all 3-year-old girls and up, this is the best toy for them. You can buy this doll for them and share your reviews with us.

The trend of getting such dolls is getting higher. This is a productive toy which makes the time utilization of kids more productive.

Our Verdict

If you want to give something productive to your baby girl, then right is the baby alive doll which we have reviewed for you.

To utilize the free time of your kids in the productive manner, this is the right set of doll which can do the desired job. Just by playing with this doll, your baby is going to learn that taking care of someone means!


  • Complete doll accessories
  • Great for kids
  • Extensive warranty time


  • None

8- Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily – Extremely Adorable

Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily (Brunette) can be tried out by you. This is the baby doll which can eat, how exciting it is! This is one of the adorable baby dolls which you should buy.

You need to feed her by using the special spoon which is included in the package. Only by using this spoon, your doll is going to eat the food.

Just imagine that how you will feel when you are going to prepare the special food for your doll The product package is packed with a snack shaper and the buyer will also get 2 cans of reusable Baby Alive doll food.

Make sure that you do not spill the food on her special dress. This doll poops and eats and above all, you will get the feeling of a real mommy when you will take care of this baby doll. She will only poop when she eats something.

You have to put the diaper on during her poop time. The other accessories which are present in the package, they are spoon, outfit, snack shaper and bowl as well as 2 cans of reusable doll food.

Probably, kids will love this baby Alive doll a lot.

Our Verdict

This is the baby doll that poops and eat, how exciting it will be to hold such a doll! Do get this baby alive doll for your girl and bring a real smile on her face.

She will love this toy for sure and every single minute of her free time will turn out to be much practical and productive.


  • Included with a snack shaper
  • 2 cans of reusable doll food
  • The perfect doll for girls


  • Limited in stock

7- Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Doll – Comes with A Brush and A Comb

Baby Alive Dolls

Another baby doll which will be loved and adored by you, it is Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina Doll (Blonde). This Play ‘n Style Christina doll has these long and lovely looking hairs.

You can style her hair in any way you want to! The hairstyling is the fun and exciting part which is shown by this doll.

You can use a pretend hairdryer and a hair extension and also barrette, The package is accompanied by a comb and a brush.

Most noteworthy, this Baby Alive doll will give you the experience of ultimate excitement.

You will enjoy the taste of being a mommy and a daddy. This is a fashionable looking doll and baby girls will love her beautiful hair which has too pretty pink highlights.

You can use the hairstyling accessories to make her hair to look more fashionable. Hence, buy this baby doll and share your opinion with us. You can brush, style and dry her hair. There are so many activities which you can do with this doll.

By pampering her, she will look more delighted and happy then!

Our Verdict

No doubt that this baby alive doll is the name of real excitement. Your baby girl is going to learn how to pamper someone, how to feed another person and how to take care of the other person!

This learning toy which comes in the form of a baby alive doll has got a thumbs up from us.

So book it for your baby and gift it to her.


  • She has long and lovely hair
  • The pretend hairdryer and a hair extension
  • Included with a brush and comb


  • None

6- Baby Alive Lil’ Sips Baby Party Doll  – Tested For Durability

Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive Lil’ Sips Baby Tea Party Doll (African American) is given the sixth spot from our side.

This is a high-quality top which is made for the children and kids of all ages. It is made by using the safest materials.

This Baby Alive doll is tested on the sole and main factors of durability and quality. You will get the fun as if you are playing with a real baby

Furthermore, the buyer will get a diaper and a bottle along with it. You will get doll drinks at the same time. The other items like that of a teapot, teacups for a tea party, they are included in the package.

Certainly, in just a few days, this baby Alive doll will become your best friend. You can share the moments which you will spend with this doll.

Our Verdict

Basically, this doll toy will not ever be going to give a feeling as if you are playing with a toy. It just looks like a real baby and this is what your real baby girl want!

This doll will make it level best to give you the utmost amazing time while you play with it.

Moreover, the induction of complete tea set like that of teapot and teacups, this will make your playing time more memorable. This shall be the best gift which you will give to your baby and she is going to remember that forever!


  • High-quality toy
  • Made by using safe materials
  • Tested for durability


  • It does not give out electronic phrases

5- Baby Alive Baby African-American Doll – Speaks 30 Phrases

Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive My Baby All Gone African-American Doll is given the fifth spot. This doll is composed of all the safest materials. Children of all ages can play with this fantastic-looking doll.

Your kids will love to feed her. Above all, this doll can talk in Spanish and English. This is the best point and feature present in it. Do you know that it can speak more than 30 phrases, it is true!

This is an interactive doll which you should get for your child. She drinks as well and even more, she wets her diaper.

That means, your child will get the real and genuine feeling as if she is taking care of a real baby.

You will get 2 food packets so that you can make food for your doll. There is an outfit, 2 diapers, and a bowl, spoon and a bottle and instructions included in the package.

Certainly, this is the perfect baby Alive doll which will make your time full of fun and excitement.

Our Verdict

Yes, the highlighting part of this doll is that it can speak and utter more than 30 phrases and this is the USP point it! No doubt many more unique selling points are present in this doll but this one is the promising of all!

If your child is asking for some special exclusive looking doll, then you can get for her this baby alive doll.

Your baby girl will just get the real mother feeling when she is going to change the diapers of her, feed her, make her hair. That feeling will be so special and lovable the minute your child will start playing with it.


  • Tested on the basis of quality and durability
  • She speaks in English
  • Speaks more than 30 phrases


  • None

4- BABY ALIVE Super Doll – Extremely Interactive

Baby Alive Dolls

Also, there is a BABY ALIVE Super Snackin Snacks Sara Blonde Speaks English Doll which is highly loved by kids.

The best thing about this doll, she can chew the food. This is one of the interactive baby dolls, for the reason that, this is highly recommended to the kids.

How much amazing it is!

The package is composed of an outfit and 2 diapers and also two 1-ounce containers of doll food and 3 shaping tools.

You will get 1 roller, plate and a pretend juice box. Your daughters are going to have a great amount of fun with this doll. This is a sweet little doll which tells you when she is hungry, sleepy.

She can talk in a lot of phrases and most importantly, she can easily talk in French and English. Feel free review this baby Alive doll over here.

Our Verdict

Hence if you are searching for such a doll which can speak and talk in different phases, which can in real play with you then this is the right doll piece for you. Get this sweetest doll for your baby and let her enjoy her free time in the best way.

Moreover, you will get to know from this baby doll as when she wants to sleep and when she want some food.


  • She chews the food
  • Highly interactive
  • She responds quickly


  • A limited warranty time

3- Baby Alive Sweet Blonde Baby Doll – Drinks Water

Baby Alive Dolls

We have the next exciting option for you and it is Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Girl.

You will have a crazy time while playing with her. Moving towards her feeding section, you have to feed this doll by using a spoon.

She even drinks water. It is in her diaper that she is going to poop and pee. This Baby Alive doll pack is included with a removable outfit, a blender along with hand crank and bowl.

You will get 2 packets of powdered in form doll Food, spoon, bottle and 2 diapers, comb.

Those kids are who are more than 3 years old, this babydoll is made for them. Hence, buy this toy and enjoy a lovely and amazing time with her.

Our Verdict

This Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll is one of the top recommendations from our side and we are hopefully confident that this doll will become your best friend.

She poops and pee, she eats food, she wants you to make her hairs, this doll wants you to pamper her and we are sure that your baby girl will love doing all these parenting duties for her doll.


  • She drinks water
  • Poops and pees
  • 2 packets of powdered doll Food


  • None

2- Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Blonde) – Shows All Emotions

Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Blonde) is given the second spot.

This version of Baby Alive doll comes in the simple brown packaging.

This is an amazing doll because she is quite expressive and shows her complete emotions. She interacts with you with the help of the check-up accessories.

Even more, her nose is going to light up in red color in order to inform you that she is sick and not feeling well.

She can speak 35 plus phrases. It is in English or Spanish that this doll manly talks! The outfit, stethoscope, and a thermometer, bandage, juice box, brush are included in the package.

You need to have 3 “AA” batteries to run this baby doll and in the package, you will find the demo batteries.

Our Verdict

Most probably, among the rest of the baby alive dolls, you will pick this Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Blonde) as it has some spark in it.

The popular quality of this doll is that it can speak around 35 phrases and this is the most enjoyable part of it.

If you ever feel that your doll is not feeling well and her nose turns out to be red then you can use the bandage box and use the thermometer to check her fever, this is the important parenting part which your baby girl is going to perform!


  • She shows all emotions
  • Nose lights up red to inform that your doll is not feeling well
  • She says more than 35 phrases


  • The packaging is simple

1- Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Blonde)  Fully Responsive

Baby Alive Dolls

As compared to other baby alive dolls mentioned above, Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Blonde) is the best choice.

This baby doll reacts and completely respond to tickles and rattle as well as to sounds and movements.

She wets her diapers and she even drinks water from the bottle. She crawls and talks. You can feed her by using tap water. Make sure that you change her diaper when it gets wet.

She can babble back while you will talk to her. This Baby Alive doll can speak more than 30 sounds and phrases in Spanish and English.

So buy this amazing doll and spend the maximum part of the day with her!

Our Verdict

As the top rank is assigned and given to this baby alive doll, this is the baby alive that can eat so hurry up and get this baby alive doll version for your child.

She will have a great and the best time with it. Do you know that it can talk in English and Spanish, yes this is one of the ultra-superb points which are present in this doll.

Crawling, talking are done by her, she drinks and wets her diapers, what else you expect from any doll to behave and look like a real doll!

Among the other baby alive dolls, this baby doll is the perfect choise for your kid!


  • Reacts to rattle and tickles
  • Respond to sounds and movements
  • Speaks more than 30 phrases


  • None

10 Best Baby Alive Dolls – Buyer’s Guide

Baby Alive Dolls

Below you can have a look at the important points which will be able to completely inform you that how perfect baby alive dolls can be purchased.

Look at this buying guide and get the best, high-quality, durable, an interactive and responsive doll for your child.

Fully Responsive & Highly Interactive

Your chosen baby alive has to be fully responsive. It means that it should be able to respond to tickles and rattle. It should show complete response to movements and sounds.

More she will be interactive, more your baby girl will love her. The doll should show and display all emotions. Like it should be able to tell you that she is happy, sick or sad.

Speaking Phrases

Your selected baby alive dolls should be able to speak English and Spanish phrases.

On an average basis, 30 phrases have to be uttered by her. Like when you feed her, she should say Mmmm Good!

Poop, Pee, Drink & Eat

Your selected doll should poop, pee, drink, eat. It is for these purposes that these dolls are made of!

So make sure that your chosen doll should perform all these functions, only then you will understand about parenting responsibility.

Quality & Durability Tested

The baby alive dolls have to be chosen on the basis of quality and durability tested aspect.

Moreover, it should be made of safe materials and no risky materials should ever be used in it. As this product is made for kids, so it has to be super safe.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, baby alive dolls eat food, we have mentioned the top ten for you and above are the one which peeps, poo and eat, drink. Nonetheless, all recommendations meet the high standards of quality and durability.

These are affordable dolls and shall give out their best entertaining time to your baby girls.

Before you pick out the doll for your child, check out the buying guide, this will simplify your job that which elements have to be present in any doll before buying it.

So which baby Alive doll you will gift to your child?

Let us know and sooner and we will update the further suggestion list for you. Right now, the above-written baby alive dolls are truly remarkable and none of the other dolls can replace these options.

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